Sunday, June 16, 2024

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    Anjali Rimi Showcases Life Of Transgender In Belonging With Support From Pooja Sharma And Sunny Agarwal

    Transgender community cannot be considered as an outclass category in today’s time but they have become a very special asset to the society.
    Anjali Rimi has bring a documentary Belonging which showcases the life and struggle of transgender community.The film is realmed by Aamir Jaffer and was showcased at The Kinnar Mahostav 2023 .

    Speaking to media Anjali Rimi said that the thought process of people in society should change regarding her community.Pooja Sharma the train influencer revealed her friendship about Ankita Lokhande and told she is strong and different outlook towards life.Sunny Agarwal is also planning to make a movie on life on transgender.Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is someone who always supports this kind of initiative and now as well supported it.

    Films are a great medium for change and most probably Belonging would also bring change in mindset of people.

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