Friday, May 24, 2024

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    Ananya Panday opens up about her relationship with social media

    Ananya Panday is gaining popularity for spreading kindness around. She has recently stretched her “So Positive’ project. Ananya has launched a campaign ‘Social Media for Social Good.  People who have used social media to help the ones in need during the second wave of Covid-19 are being included in the campaign.

    Speaking about her relationship with social media, Ananya stated, “Currently, my relationship with social media is like that of a couple who has taken a long break and then gotten back together.  So it’s pretty good right now. When it comes to social media, I think it’s important to set boundaries with yourself.”

    Ananya further adds, “You need to recognize when it’s getting too much. Also, when it’s affecting your mental health, and I’m not very good with that. I tend to indulge once I start scrolling. I just keep scrolling and don’t know where to stop. So I’m really trying to monitor that.”

    Ananya then shared details about her recent initiative. ‘Social Media For Social Good’ is for spreading positivity on social media. The actress informed, “Recently, I launched this initiative on social media. Here we feature the stories of social media heroes.  We describe how they’ve helped their followers. That’s something that really shows the positive side of social media.”

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