Sunday, May 26, 2024

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    Actress Kangana Ranaut Calls Us President Joe Biden ‘Meek Little Pet Of China’

    The ‘Queen’ movie actress Kangana Ranaut is making headlines for her controversial tweets. She had recently compared herself to Hollywood like Tom Cruise, Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep and Wonder Women star Gal Gadot. She was never behind to speak out her mind. Recently she reacted to a video of US President Joe Biden suggesting that China’s Uighur genocide is a part of China’s different norms. Kangana called Biden ‘meek little pet of China’, and then slammed liberals, claiming they love ‘weak, meek, submissive’ leaders.

     The actress shared a video in which Joe Biden opened up about his conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kangana tweeted, “Look at this tail wagging, submissive, meek little pet of China, is he president of United States or a China ambassador? Shame on you American today China is world’s biggest power because you gave it that top spot it was lusting for on a platter.

    She further mentioned that it might appear that she is interested in American politics, but that isn’t the case. But she wrote how amusing she finds that ‘liberals’ all over the world love ‘weak,meek, submissive easy to dominate type leaders’. “Why they like Pappus is beyond me,” she wrote. Kangana added that the biggest threat to our country are the ‘confused, foggy youth who claim to be librus.’

    Check out her tweets below:

    Kangana is busy shooting for the upcoming movie “Dhakad”, Ranaut’s new film, is going on in Sarni area of Betul district.

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