Saturday, September 30, 2023

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    Aashiqui Fame Rahul Roy crown Eliza Benazir and launching her Amazing Fashion Magazine

    Transgender community in the recent past has received the dignity and power which they deserve.In all walks of life transgender community has achieved just like the normal community of society.Although there is still lot pain in their life despite being positivity being added in their life.

    Now the celebrities communities also whole heartfelt supporting transgender community.Recently Rahul Roy crown Eliza Benazir and launch her amazing fashion magazine Fashion Magazine.The bollywood industry has made movies like Tamanna and Shabnam Mausi and others to potray the life of transgender community.

    Eliza is also uplifting of LGBTQ community.Her mission is to help people from the community and also from all the levels from the society to to help them having a second source of income by the power of digital marketing.

    In today’s time the thought of society regarding transgender community has transformed a lot,be in corporate,media houses,government departments and in general as well.

    Eliza Benazir can be considered as a angel from theLGBTQ co

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