Not only women but men were also in shock: Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji during an exclusive interview with Bollywood Chronicle opens up about her upcoming film Mardaani 2

Rani Mukerji during an exclusive interview with Bollywood Chronicle opens up about her upcoming film Mardaani 2

Tell us about the incident that you were drowning in underwater

Thank to God that I m alive, I have not drowned into it, since from childhood I was suffering from hydrophobic, even till now I have but because of Mardaani 2 most of my fear I remove from me because when Gopi comes to me with the script, I heard it and I really liked the script very much, the topic of the film and the message that this film has, I loved it, after hearing the script I said Gopi this underwater scene what you were thinking while writing the script can we change this, but he was like no I want it, it’s a great action scene, so I said but I don’t know swimming so he was in shock, and he asked me you don’t know swimming to swim RanišŸ˜², have you ever seen me in bikini shoot, have you ever seen me that I m coming out from water under on a beach, just because I don’t know to swim, even I have never visited Cruises because of my this fear, whenever even I think also, Tatanic comes in front of my eyes and I start thinking that if as this situation will come to me I will not able to even save myself, if there is not live gourds so I said Gopi just start the film afterward we will come on this sequence then I tried harder to convince Gopi to change the scene, I used to keep telling him if we can put something different scene but he was like no Rani I want this scene like this only so I, okay, then we have completed the film in May or June and then in July rain started falling heavily and I was happy very much and I said Gopi rain has been started so now I will learn swimming it’s not possible, so I gave the rain reason to avoid swimming then July, August, September, and even this time rain so much that even it’s fall in October too, so I was very much wow rain should not stop so that after a certain period of time my director will tell me because of some reason we will change the scene, but my director haven’t changed his mind, and Gopi come to me and said Addi has said me he have to release this in December so you have to start learning swimming from Anees Adenwala, then he started my swimming learn 1st with baby pool, i was feeling good while sitting in the water and taking breath in and breath out, then after all that comedy i said i have to learn now doing action in water because beauti shots are easy to do but difficult scene is very difficult to do, and i was like rani “ab tu faas gai hai now Aaar yaa paar” you have the learn hai so during the shoot of mardaani i have learn swimming, inder water, and even i did sequence also in a 20 feet deep water, so I was like this is it so from this film I finally I learned swimming

From where this fear this arrives in you?

My mother is very special to me, so I was a kid, I have gone to learn swimming and I was just above to drown after that my mother never sent me to swim and have you seen “Chalte Chalte” Tauba Tumhare Ishare song that song is also in the water, and I m shaking my hands in water, and that time my mother was there and she was in fear that I m going giving my shots in water, then Shahrukh and Farah told my mother that Aunty we are not taking her in a deep water, if your daughter is willing to drown also naa she will not going to drown, so my mother was having very much fear about that, so I got that from in me too, and as it said you should never give your fear to your kids, so my husband makes sure that Adira should not get my fear, so my daughter swim which I m very proud off, but now Adira also gets happy when she sees in water, so at least that fear I have overcome with it, and now at least I can have a normal holidays with my family

Are you doing any romantic films

You all should write about it, that we all want to see you doing romantic roles Rani, I want to do this kind of film, I m waiting that if someone will come with a good script I can do it, but as an actor on every stage to be very serious, the way I have reacted to the films’ scripts, the characters, the roles depending on what’s my headspace has been on that scape time of my life so I was attracted to that types of roles, so when Mardaani 1 comes to me on that point when the Nirbhaya incident happened, and I think as a country we all were so much in anger, we all were very sad, we were shocked actually so much that the 1st time media got up all the details that what exactly happened to that child to that girl, we all were shocked how someone can do this kind of things, it was a shocking, and even not only women but men were also in shock, that how someone can do this kind of thing, how this can happen so we all were angry in some other way, lots of people resorted to having lots of conversation about it, some people come out on a roads with candle and protest again this crime as an actor I choose to channeized me anger through the film, through the character of mine Shivani Shivaji Bajirao, if someone would use to ask how you able to show your anger, how this is coming I think, this is an anger which is building up which I need to channelized through shivani role, so mardaani 1 happen because of Addi, Godi and all now it’s open to franchise, we all are pretty in anger, we don’t know how to put it out so we have got this subject child trafficking and we wanted to speak about it that also a huge problem in society today where people actually think that trafficking happens only on borders but it’s actually happening under our noises in cities, outside railway stations in railway stations, out side schools and college, it is happening in the streets, everywhere so we need to aware on that, so in mardaani 1 messaging was very clear, and when mardaani 1 released i got married, i had baby and when my baby was about a year old Hichki script come to me, so on that point of time i was as a mother going through a wonderable face, i think all the mother will understand who has a baby that after having a baby women’s become so emotional, we get scared that we have the responsible of a new born life in the front of us and i have been working from many years, from my youth since when i was 16th, so the 1st feeling being at home taking care of my child, i become pretty emotional and when Hichki subject come to me, i was like i need to do a film if i have to leave my child behind and work that’s has to be very relevant subject has to be a film a very challenging role so Hichki come onboard which talk about the Tourette syndrome, like in india people were hardly knowing about this syndrome so i thought it was a good subject to deal with, and it was also about a student and teacher relation something we all are dealt in our lives and its a very relevant topic, then Mardaani 2 talks happened we were not sure whether it will going to happen or not, because we just don’t wanted to a sequence on a sake of making sequence, it has to be important message and subject and i think the Juvenile criminals has been increased in our country, the nirbhaya case the rapes has not stop in our country that has given rise to this film, we are wanting to create awareness for women that how to deal with such things we need to aware of every given time because everyone a women tries to probably put a hopes in somebody that one only does a crime on her so what a women should do to whom she can lye a trust on, and I think this are the questions that has become very relevant this time


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