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    Khiladi Akshay Kumar and Mast Mast Girl Raveena Finishes Old Grudges

    Akshay Raveena at Ht Style Awards 2023

    Nothing is long lasting in life.Neither friendship nor enmity.The love affair between Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon has been the one of the most talked love affairs in Bollywood.There is nothing to hide about casanova image of Akshay Kumar in the90’s.However things took a U -turn when finally he got married to Twinkle Khanna in the year 2001 and became a good husband and afterwards a good and most unanimously a very successful actor as well.

    Recently Raveena Awarded Akshay Kumar at the HT most stylish awards and just not only that she was continuously speaking to Akshay while sitting beside him and Akshay giving nod to every talk.

    The most popular equation of Akshay and Raveena was seen in the Mohra which was released in 1994 and the song Tip Tip Basra Paani which was a kind of rage during that time.Akshay has dated Shilpa Shetty and Pooja Batra as well.Raveena had got engaged to Akshay but finally had life equation with Anil Thadani.

    It seems like once again the onscreen romance of Akshay and Raveena will flourish now.

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