Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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    Jitendra Kumar joins forces with Rajasthan Police, spearheading Cybersecurity initiative called ‘Hackathon’ to curb cyber crimes

    India’s favourite Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jitendra Kumar, originally from Rajasthan, has joined forces with Rajasthan police in their initiative to curb cyber crimes. The initiative, supported by the Chief Minister, holds the objective of empowering the youth to actively participate in the development of the state while equipping them with the necessary knowledge to combat cybercrime efficiently.

    In his engagement with the event, Jitendra Kumar underscored the significance of engaging the younger generation in the fight against cyber threats. Jitendra added, “In today’s digital age, cybercrime, especially phishing, affects many internet users. The peak of the pandemic saw a surge, reflecting the urgency to address this issue. I am thankful to Rajasthan Police for launching an initiative that encourages youth to join the fight against cyber threats. I pledge to motivate the youth so that all of us can join the force and develop a strong system to fight against such crimes. Let’s come together and bring about a change for a safe and better future.”

    Jitendra Kumar’s involvement resonates with the broader vision of creating a secure digital landscape in Rajasthan. Amidst the success of his recent film ‘Dry Day’ and the anticipation for the third season of his award-winning series ‘Panchayat,’ Jitendra Kumar continues to inspire through his commitment to social causes leading to a better future and stellar performances.

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