Sunday, April 21, 2024

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    Yo Yo Honey Singh Is Back With A Bang With Naagan

    Life is all about comebacks.Be it a common man or a celebrity difficult circumstances do make you weak as a person but it’s upto you how you tackle situations ,be strong and bounce back.

    Yo Yo Honey Singh can be termed as an icon of the growing rap culture trend in India.When he started out as a singer he was looked down upon .But at the end of the life journey it is success is all it matters.Giving his voice for superstars namely Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar with massive hits such as Lungi Dance or Party All Night.Health issues,personal relationship issue beside professional tussle with big wigs of bollywood .Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar has been saviours for Honey Singh who did not only guided him for the correct pathways but provided him the requisite opportunities which he badly needed.

    Honey Singh was recently seen promoting his music album

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