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    Which BTS members easily get depression?

    The youngest BTS member Jungkook gets stressed and worried all the time.  It is not certain that he has depression.  He has a lot of stress and responsibilities in his hands. It appears that he tries very hard to make Army happy. He would rather have Army happy than himself, at times. An example of this is probably that he has cut his hair recently. Though it is not for sure, it is believed that he did that for Army and to knock away the haters.

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    Jin was never heard of having depression at any point in time.  Although, this BTS member is quite self-conscious about himself. Whereas RM gets very stressed and nervous. It is heard, he did have depression at the start of BTS.  It could be due to the fact that he was dealing with a lot of false accusations.  Also, he was called horrible names, something that will never be forgotten.

    Jhope is the kind to have a disguise if he would ever have depression. One thing about Hope is that he loves BTS Army very much.  Therefore, he wouldn’t let depression take over him. Jhope has gone through a lot, just as well as the rest of the members. At some point in time, he thought about leaving the band. Luckily he stayed, but it would have been the hardest decision in his life, and would not have been easy for him.

    Jimin has had depression and as per sources, he still does at times. Being an Idol for one is challenging, but being Jimin is more difficult. Although Jimin seems to be enjoying the moment, his struggles are also obvious and Jimin has never been good at hiding.

    BTS new video: J-Hope fears the future, V realised he was famous after  getting discount | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

    Suga had depression as well.  Over the years his depression and anxiety have gotten better and are almost gone. It appears that Suga still wishes for something more or new. What that could be is something only he knows. Besides, he has clarified that he just wants space and more privacy.  It is possible that the military situation or a family problem could be causing it.

    Reportedly, V of BTS had depression at the beginning. He is still very shy and encounters Social anxiety sometimes.  Therefore, it is believed that each member of BTS faced depression or anxiety at some point of time.

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