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    Singer Shaan to Host Radio Nasha’s popular show “Crazy for Kishore Season 7”

    Bollywood’s acclaimed playback singer Shaan is set to take the helm as the host of the highly anticipated seventh season of “Crazy for Kishore,” a popular show powered by Fever Network who continues its commitment to offering listeners high-quality programming that celebrates the golden era of Indian cinema and pays tribute to legendary artists, Kishore Kumar.

    With his charismatic personality and extensive experience in the music industry, Shaan is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved tribute series dedicated to the legendary playback singer Kishore Kumar.

    Kishore Kumar, often hailed as the “Greatest Entertainer of India”, left an indelible mark on the music industry with his distinctive voice and unparalleled talent. Throughout his illustrious career, Kishore Kumar enchanted audiences with his emotive performances and unforgettable songs across multiple genres, from romantic ballads to peppy numbers. And the fact which is known to all that Shaan has captivated audiences with his melodious voice and dynamic stage presence for decades because of his versatility and soulful renditions. His ability to connect with listeners on a personal level makes him an ideal choice to lead the show, which celebrates the timeless music and the nostalgia of Kishore Kumar.

    “Crazy For Kishore” pays homage to Kishore Kumar by showcasing his iconic songs and highlighting his influence on Indian music. Each episode of the show features renditions of Kishore Kumar’s unheard instances, songs, trivia and his memories. With Shaan at the helm, “Crazy for Kishore Season 7” promises to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that honours Kishore Kumar’s legacy while engaging audiences in a new and exciting way.

    In addition to hosting the show, Shaan who is expected to share insights into Kishore Kumar’s life and career says:
    “Crazy for Kishore is that one show on Radio that has always been my favourite .. I have always secretly hoped and wished I could be a part of this show .. so when the season offer came my way .. I grabbed it with both hands. Rohini and Her Team at Radio Nasha are superbly experienced and dedicated with this property and also extremely encouraging. This gave me a lot of confidence and really helped me in quickly doning the RJ hat. And Ofcourse when it comes to talking about The One and Only Kishore Kumar .. I can go on and on.. about his voice, his personality, his personal stories, He influence on today’s music and singers.All in all I am super excited to be the brand new Host on Crazy For Kishore, Shaan Se”

    RJ Rohini, the Brand Content Director of Radio Nasha added “Crazy for Kishore is incredible yet a nostalgic journey. The unsaid facts about Kishore Kumar are still loved my many and he is that personality who never gets old. He is one of those singers with whom the Gen Zs still connects. We are again thrilled to come back with the seventh season of the show. Shaan’s voice will be the cherry on top for this show as his voice and music connects the hearts of this upcoming generation as well. Thanks to our listeners for showing so much love to this show”
    The show will also be aired on fever as well which has recently revamped itself with a fresh new look and positioning. Listeners will get to hear the show on Fever Fm station on Monday to Friday from 4-5pm and on Radio Nasha from Monday to Friday at 11am-12pm and 10-11pm respectively.
    As preparations for the upoming season are underway, anticipation is building for the premiere of “Crazy for Kishore Season 7” on Radio Nasha. With Shaan as the host and his voice narrating the trivia of the legendary Kishore Kumar, the show promises to be a fitting homage to one of the greatest icons of Indian music. Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey filled with soul-stirring melodies and timeless classics as “Crazy for Kishore Season 7” takes the airwaves by storm.

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