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    Miley Cyrus expertly handles her WARDROBE GLITCH during NYE performance

    Miley Cyrus surely knows how to keep the show going on.  She has proved the same with her New Year’s Eve performance to ring in 2022. As the clock struck midnight, Miley hit the stage during her NBC special.  She began to perform “We Can’t Stop” and “Party In The USA”. 

    Miley Cyrus Handles Live TV Wardrobe Malfunction With A Quick Change –  Deadline

    During the show, Miley was seen rocking a tiny silver crop top and matching skirt. However, in unfortunate events, the slinky top fell off mid-performance. She was singing “Party in the U.S.A.” when her top was barely hanging on by a thread.  Miley Cyrus had to clutch it to ward off an FCC disaster. 

    Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Miley had suffered a wardrobe malfunction. In the past, Miley was seen handling awkward situations with grace and she always does it with great acumen.

    Consequently, this time was no different. Miley Cyrus,  who is totally a pro recovered amazingly. Out of spontaneity, she ran offstage to quickly change.  The performer returned with an oversized red jacket on, which covered up the front of her body.  But the jacket that would solve the problem was also questionable.  The unbuttoned jacket almost revealed too much.

    Additionally, Miley continued to sing the lyrics to ‘Party in the USA’ even when she was changing backstage.  Miley was back onstage in a matter of seconds, and she continued the song to the very end. She even made a joke on the spot, telling the crowd, “This is still the most amount of clothes I’ve worn onstage.” 

    Throughout the evening, Miley wore a number of skimpy outfits, but this was the only one that seemed to give her trouble, but she handle it like  an expert .

    Watch Miley Cyrus gracefully recover from New Years Eve wardrobe malfunction

    Later, Miley’s co-host, Pete Davidson, had her back while taking the mic. “I heard we had a little boob slip, so in solidarity, here are my boobies,” Pete said while lifting up his shirt. Miley and Pete led the night together, hosting the two-hour special.  The event featured performances from artists like Noah Cyrus and more. Miley also took the stage multiple times to sing, which included a duet of ‘Jolene’ with Noah. 

    Meanwhile, one would think It was actually a tough night.  Some of the musical acts bowed out because of COVID. Miley Cyrus addressed it at the end of the show, saying, “Tonight’s show was all about being flexible, rolling with the punches, and making the best out of even the worst circumstances.” She went on … “Let’s bring that into the New Year with us.”

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