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    Karan Aujla and DIVINE’s ‘Nothing Lasts’ from ‘Street Dreams’ album takes you to Dharavi streets, reflecting on the ever-changing nature of life

    Dominating music charts worldwide and winning the hearts of millions of music lovers, the collaborative album ‘Street Dreams’ by hip-hop icons DIVINE and Karan Aujla has been making waves with all seven tracks, especially ‘Nothing Lasts’, which has been trending on social media. Written & Performed by Karan Aujla & DIVINE and produced by Yeah Proof & Jay Trak, the video has been directed by Joel D’Souza (JD). ‘Nothing Lasts’ has been shot in association with The Dharavi Dream Project at the After School of Hip-Hop in Dharavi.

    As a gesture of giving back to the community, DIVINE and Karan Aujla organized a heartwarming Langar and Sneaker Distribution for the local kids of Dharavi. As a part of ‘Nothing Lasts Hemkunt Foundation played a pivotal role in setting up the langar for school kids from various schools in Dharavi. Also, the distribution of sneakers was aimed at benefiting over a hundred students and staff members of the After School of Hip-Hop, where these students are actively working towards realizing their dreams of pursuing careers as artists and musicians.

    Encouraging people to face fears and live purposefully, Karan Aujla and DIVINE reflect on the preciousness of life, reminding us that ‘Nothing Lasts’ forever. In all its simplicity, the song celebrates resilience through tough times and gratitude for life.

    The official video for ‘Nothing Lasts’ is available to watch on Karan AUJLA’s YouTube channel and is also available to listen to on all streaming platforms. Directed by Joel D’souza (JD), the video has opened to a stellar response from netizens worldwide.

    Sharing his thoughts on the song, Karan Aujla expressed, “‘Nothing Lasts’ is a very special song and one of my personal favorites. Spending time with the children in Dharavi was a lovely experience, embracing the simple joys of life. Through this song, we have shared our life learnings that nothing truly lasts forever and we should treasure the moments we have and be grateful for the life we live. We hope the song resonates with everyone and conveys our emotions.”

    Adding to the same, DIVINE said, “Nothing Lasts’ in its very essence highlights the impermanence in life, we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. We are ecstatic to see the response the song has received so far and look forward to everyone’s reaction to the video with the lovely kids. We had the best time with them.”
    In a statement by Harteerath Singh Ahluwalia, Director of Hemkunt Foundation, he expressed, “We always want like minded people to join hands with us at Hemkunt Foundation to serve humanity. Sewa can be done in numerous ways. I feel that spreading the message of sewa through music is happening for the first time thanks to Karan Aujla and Divine. This association will help us take the message of Sewa to millions of Karan Aujla and Divine’s listeners and help us impact more lives for the greater good.”

    Composed by DIVINE and Karan Aujla, the ‘Street Dreams’ album offers a total of seven songs including ‘Nothing Lasts’, ‘Top Class’, ‘Straight Ballin’, ‘Yaad’, ‘Tareefan’, ‘Hisaab’ and ‘100 Million’. A landmark collaboration in the history of Indian music, ‘Street Dreams’ made history by becoming the first Indian album to claim the fastest No. 1 spot on Apple Music in less than 24 hours.

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