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    K-pop: Why do BTS MVs have higher views than EXO

    EXO is a very successful idol group, but in terms of music production/content, a lot of people prefer BTS.  This is primarily due to the subject matter that BTS tends to focus on. Unlike most K-pop groups, BTS does not shy away from matters such as social stigma, mental health, etc.

    BTS is completely an international boyband. They are well known from east Asia to west Europe and have been promoted, treated well there And Blackpink is following BTS’s footsteps. EXO was successful in South Korea, china, japan, and other Asian countries.  Now it’s been nearly a decade since their debut, hence too late for them to be promoted in the West.

    Most Exols don’t stream

    Additionally, the majority of EXO-L are not teenagers, they are married, adults, or even parents. Although ARMY also consists of mature adults, many of them are novices when it comes to streaming.  Also, they don’t have that much time on hand.  Therefore, they just focus on the music itself rather than charts, views, or awards.  In fact, EXO’s KAI said “JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC, DON’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE! PROMISE?”

    However, other fandoms think giving billions of views of their favorite MVs will make them notice them.  That’s the biggest loss of EXO in terms of views. The band has the biggest fandom of all K-pop groups in China. But unfortunately, they don’t use YouYube. On China’s own YouTube, some of Exo’s MVs already have billion of views. If only China has access to Youtube, then Exo will also be in the same range as BTS and BP in terms of views.

    Army (BTS fans) are great at mass streaming

    The majority of EXO-L only stream when the group makes a comeback. Apart from this they also stream when members give out solo songs. Most of the fans consider that streaming is demeaning to the artists who made the efforts to create the music, lyrics, and video to give us the video. Nevertheless, the Army considers mass streaming as a token of appreciation. EXOLs do it differently, generally by saying things in fan meetings, making donations, and sending gifts and letters. Since BTS fandom mostly consists of teenagers, they hype better. Also, many of them compete with each other and stream more to prove that they are better fans. BTS fans make multiple accounts for streaming. They download and yet stream online.

    A way of promotion

    Many BTS fans make use of the platforms like Youtube and other music apps which have a diverse audience for them to promote their group. In general, EXO-L keeps their interest quiet and opinions to themselves, whereas Army is more vocal and passionate about sharing their thoughts and experiences.

    The audience across the Globe

    Nonetheless, a major factor in the K-pop BTS’s popularity is their American fandom. The US has different ethnicities from all over the world. Since America is the trendsetter of the whole world, what goes on in there is covered by media of all countries.  Incidentally, the USA is having a maximum no. of YouTube users, it summons a greater audience.

    Management by the agencies

    The group’s popularity also depends on the agency managing it.  While the agency that was managing the K-pop EXO account was not very successful, BigHit Entertainment has very successfully managed BTS.  Even though BTS didn’t have an easy path, they were initially not given the privileges that the group now enjoys.  But, their agency was always doing its best. 

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