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    How much were the musicians and backup singers paid on the Dream of the Blue Turtles tour?

    Nobody could dispute that Sting took his time musicians and carefully considered when to launch his solo career. That time came with the publication of The Dream of the Blue Turtles on July 12, 1985, the day before he was one of the stars of the “global jukebox” of Live Aid. Sting recalls fond experiences associated with a staging post record in an exclusive interview.

    The English trio’s five iconic albums from 1978 to 1983 saw The Police frontman achieve global superstardom and multi-million sales. But at that time, only the consciously sentimental single “Spread A Little Happiness” was issued under his own name.

    Over the final credits of the movie version of Dennis Potter’s Brimstone & Treacle, in which Sting featured, he sang a 1929 song by Vivian Ellis and Clifford Grey.

    Early in 1983, The Police travelled to Montserrat to record Synchronicity, which would become their final album. Then, between that July and the following March, they went on tour with it, giving over 100 performances across three continents. The group’s reunion for a projected sixth record in 1986 was postponed due to the inevitable tensions of the studio and the road.

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