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    BTS is calling their supporters “fans” instead of ARMY. Why are they doing this?

    In a recent tweet by BTS about IHeartRadio, the Bangtan Boys called their ARMY as fans.  Since they have always referred to their fandom as ARMY only, this has raised questions in the minds of people.

    While many may shrug it off saying “it doesn’t matter” the difference is certainly there.  And that is the fact that fans are fans whereas ARMYs are family.  It is a known fact that family members respect each other.  Now, it is deliberated why the Bangtan boys did not call their fans in IHeartRadio ARMY.

    Firstly, it has to be considered what is meant by respect inside the fandom. There appears to be a big difference between fans making fun of the boy band and the band members mocking each other. Many times BTS indulges in things that they feel that ARMY will notice and react. They also do certain things so that ARMY will make it a meme.  Normally, the boy band members mock each other but they know what hurts the other and when to draw a line.

    During the IHeartRadio event, the show’s host questions BTS about who is most likely to mess up the choreography. In this case, many would feel that it’s not a big deal, but for true ARMY and BTS themselves, it is. The band’s response to this query went fine with other members since they share a great rapport with each other.  Even if the statement does not go well with a specific member, they can sort out things between themselves.  But in case the fans mock BTS or make negative statements about them it would surely hurt them.

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    Until now BTS has fully trusted the ARMY just like their families. But IHeartRadio became an issue in social media because ARMY members, who weren’t present at the show saw how the fans out there disrespected BTS. The ARMY didn’t let them talk, instead, they disrupted their communication. The questions that were put up for BTS were answered by the fans in the show.  This was considered disrespectful by the band members

    Therefore, BTS decided to refer to fans as “fans” only and not ARMY.

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