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    BTS: Dynamite surpasses 1.3 billion views on YouTube

    BTS has done it again!  On November 19, their music video  Dynamite track surpassed 1.3 billion views on YouTube. The music video was released on August 21, 2020, at 9:30 am IST.  Therefore,t it took about one year, two months, and 29 days to reach the milestone. Also, the boy band members Jimin and V top November boy group member brand reputation rankings.

    Dynamite', BTS's 1st English-language track, crosses 1.3 bn YouTube views -

    Consequently, BTS’ Dynamite is now the fastest Korean group video to hit 1.3 billion views.  Therefore, it surpasses BLACKPINK’s previous record for ‘Kill This Love’.  KTL achieved this record in two years, one month, and 17 days.

    Furthermore, Dynamite is also Bangtan Boy’s third music video to surpass 1.3 billion views, after ‘DNA’ and ‘Boy With Luv.’ ‘Dynamite’ is a refreshing pop-disco genre track released on August 21, 2020.  The track came out in the middle of the pandemic.

    Additionally, Dynamite is BTS’ first English-language track and the first song to be nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards! During the difficult times due to Covid 19, Dynamite was released as a ‘healing song’.  The song managed to spread its message of hope to the world.

    BTS' music video for 'Dynamite' joins 'DNA' and 'Boy with Luv' as it

    Earlier DNA was BTS’ first song to hit the 1-billion mark on YouTube. The track had been released on September 18, 2017. The 1-billion accomplishment was recorded in June 2020. Thereafter, DNA touched the 1.3 billion mark in July 2021.

    Meanwhile, BTS’ Jimin topped the list for the 35th consecutive month with a brand reputation index of 5,169,059. High-ranking phrases in his keyword analysis included ‘Friends,’ ‘ARMY,’ and ‘concert.’ Also, Jimin’s highest-ranking related terms included ‘congratulate,’ ‘record,’ and ‘cool.’

    In addition to the above, Jimin’s positivity-negativity analysis revealed a score of 89.69 percent positive reactions. 

    Apart from Jimin, the Bangtan Boys’ V also held onto his spot at second place in the rankings this month.  V scores a brand reputation index of 3,685,371 for November. While Jin ranked fifth, Jungkook ranked seventh. BTS’ Suga ranked eleventh, RM ranked fifteenth and J-Hope ranked eighteenth. Heartiest Congratulations to all the Bangtan Boys!

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