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    Ye Mard Bechara: The film will keep you entertained if are a fan of lighter tales about family

    As we all know within our society men are traditionally considered to be older. Every person seems to have their own personal story to share. When a boy grows older and mature, he starts his journey to become a man. The father and the great uncles from the family, uncles, and grandfathers, continue to pass on their masculinity to the young man by way of this education. One of these stories is being re-created by the director Anoop Thapa. Anoop Thapa’s film ‘ Ye Mard Bechara ‘ is scheduled to release in cinemas with the same theme. It is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2021. Let’s see how the film is viewed.

    Ye Mard Bechara: The film will keep you entertained if are a fan of lighter tales about family
    Ye Mard Bechara

    The film tells the tale about Ramprasad Sharma’s child Shivam Sharma, who’s really the one who carries his father’s legacy onto his shoulders. A mustache, as per his father is a symbol of a man from his family. Shivam is required to develop mustaches as a result of this. The manliness of a man is not as evident after growing mustaches, but his life becomes boring. His father is busy getting him get married at home as well as the woman who he is in love with at school isn’t too happy with his appearance. Shivam is a reincarnation of the values of Shivalik to become his own. He shapes his body while sacrificing his mustache to his family. Everybody informs him of new men’s experiences.

    You must definitely watch this film to discover how “Ye Mard Bechara” can get past this theological dilemma, tangled between tradition and love.

    The film features a variety of veteran actors. Atul Srivastava, Brijendra Kala, and Seema Pahwa belong to the veteran actors in the film. They have all performed a remarkable job in making this film extremely successful. It is not easy watching them due to their amazing screen presence. Manukriti Pahwa Seema Pahwa’s sister appears as the lead actress in the film and she does an outstanding job. She’s made an impression on me. At the same time, Viraj Rao, who played the lead role, has spent an enormous amount of effort but hasn’t been able to create an impact on the camera. His character, who is weak, is in the same manner.

    We are now moving to the issue of direction in this film it is clear that Anoop Thapa is the director of Ye Mard Bechara, and his work is better. The film could be more enjoyable if the script was placed in greater prominence.

    The film will keep you entertained if are a fan of lighter tales about family. The whole story is about an ordinary family living in a tiny town. The story is presented in a clear and straightforward way. There are many issues that have been discussed in a manner that is completely uninhibited and is something to be praised. If you approach the issue with expectations that are too high and expectations, you could end up feeling unhappy.

    Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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