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    Movie Review: Babloo Bachelor Musical Romantic Comedy for the family watch!

    Hindi film Babloo Bachelor starring Sharman Joshi, Tejasri Pradhan, Pooja Chopra has been released in cinema halls this Friday, let’s know more about the film and how this film is.

    So, Babloo Bachelor is a story about a wealthy family from Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow where everyone had always dreamt of their son’s grand wedding with great pomp and show.

    Movie Review: Babloo Bachelor
    Babloo Bachelor

    The story of the film begins with Babloo (Sharman Joshi) where he is on his way to his beautiful house in Lucknow. When he reached his house he saw that everyone in his family was forcing him to get married to a girl (Swati – Tejashri Pradhan) who was constantly apologizing.

    And then after some scenes, the film goes to the flashback where babloo’s family was forcing him to get married soon whereas he was taking time and waiting for a perfect life partner at the age of 35. Then later he met a few girls for his wedding but didn’t get the right one. In these scenes, you will get to watch some classic comedy and spectacular performances. Coming back to the story of the film, Then he met Pooja Chopra (Avantika) where they were talking about their personal lives where Avantika told him that she have been in some relationships earlier. Hence, she had 5 ex-boyfriends. After listening to this, he was surprised and shocked at the same time. At a point of time, he was thinking of rejecting this proposal but then his best friend Chhote (Akash Dhabhade) explained to him that it is difficult to find a Fresh girl who never dated anyone at this age. Babloo gave it a thought and realized that his friend Chhote was correct. Slowly – Slowly he started having feelings for Avantika. But as Babloo was not ambitious, Avantika asked him to meet her where she asked him to tell his parents and whole family that he don’t want to marry Avantika. Babloo was really very sad after hearing this from Avantika because he started loving her but he tried his best to control his feelings. And then he did what Avantika told him.

    Movie Review Babloo Bachelor
    Babloo Bachelor

    Later at his sister’s wedding, he got to meet Swati (Tejasri Pradhan) with whom he falls in love and they both agree to get married.

    But the twist comes when after some days of their wedding Swati runs away leaving a letter for him, in which she wrote she will move to Mumbai to pursue her dream career of being an actress.

    Babloo’s family forcefully asked him to go to Mumbai and search for his wife Swati. In search of his love, Babloo travels to Mumbai from Lucknow where he bumps into Avantika (Pooja Chopra). Babloo, explains his situation and everything to Pooja, and then later Avantika decided to help Babloo to find Swati.

    What do you think? Will Avantika and Babloo find Swati? Will Babloo and Swati get married are some of the questions that form the rest of the film.

    The music of this film matches the mood of the story. The song “Tum Ho” sung in Arijit Sing’s voice blends in with the story.

    Talking about the dialogues in the film, there are many good and funny punch lines. As this film is A Musical Romantic Comedy it has great storylines. Who doesn’t like the combination of confusion, drama, and comedy? You will definitely enjoy this film.

    Director Agnidev Chatterjee has been successful in conveying the beautiful story of this film effectively with songs and great performances by every actor.

    The Indian film industry has many renowned actors that give their best in the movies and Sharman Joshi is one of them. In the film, Sharman Joshi has played the character of Babloo very effectively there is a variety in the acting of the character of Babloo.

    Pooja Chopra who played Avantika speaks with silent eyes at the end of the film. Her acting in this film is commendable. There is also depth in the acting of Pooja Chopra.

    Tejashri Pradhan’s acting in this film is spectacular! There is an ease in her acting and her character in this movie is cute.

    If you want to see a musical romantic comedy story set against the backdrop of the beautiful locations of Lucknow and Mumbai, This film is a total package of entertainment. Watching Babloo Bachelor on the big screen is a perfect choice and you should definitely watch Babloo Bachelor in your nearest theaters now!

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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