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    Which Hollywood movie star was exposed to measles while pregnant?

    Gene Eliza Tierney was an American film and stage actress who was born on November 19, 1920. She established herself as a prominent lady after being praised for her amazing attractiveness. Tierney was best remembered for her role as Laura in the 1944 film Laura and for her performance as Ellen Berent Harland in Leave Her to Heaven, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress (1945).

    Martha Strable Van Cleve in Heaven Can Wait (1943), Isabel Bradley Maturin in The Razor’s Edge (1946), Lucy Muir in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947), Ann Sutton in Whirlpool (1949), Maggie Carleton McNulty in The Mating Season (1950), and Anne Scott in The Left Hand of God (1955)are among Tierney’s other roles.

    Gene Tierney

    Gene was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on November 19, 1920, to Howard Sherwood Tierney and Belle Lavinia Taylor. She was named after a cherished uncle who passed away when she was little. Tierney’s first Broadway job was in What a Life!, in which she carried a bucket of water across the stage (1938). ‘ Miss Tierney is without a doubt the most beautiful water carrier I’ve ever seen’ exclaimed a Variety magazine critic. She also worked in The Primrose Path as an understudy (1938).

    Tierney acquired rubella (German measles) in June 1943, when pregnant with Daria, most likely from a sick admirer. Antoinette Daria Cassini was born preterm in Washington, DC, weighing three pounds and two ounces (1.42 kilograms) and requiring a whole blood transfusion. Daria was born deaf, partially blind with cataracts, and severely mentally handicapped due to rubella. She spent most of her life in a mental institution.

    Tierney died of emphysema 13 days before her 71st birthday on November 6, 1991, in Houston. She is buried in Houston’s Glenwood Cemetery.

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