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    What is a rot thriller movie?

    A graduate student called Madison (Kris Alexandrea) has her life turned upside down after breaking up with her infected lover in the 2019 horror, drama film Rot.

    After breaking up with Jesse (Johnny Kostrey) because of their divergent life trajectories and the fact that her academics came before anything else, bookworm Madison decides to move on with her life. Later in the narrative, while attempting to propose to Madison, Jesse contracts a rare fury virus from an old woman. When the illness has finished its course, Jesse’s body is overtaken by wrath, which transforms him into a devilish nightmare.

    The horror-genre approach of filmmaker David Paul Cronenberg has been used as an inspiration and comparison for the tale.

    According to Shaked Berenson, CEO of The Horror Collective’s parent firm Entertainment Squad, “The Horror Collective’s aim is to uplift new and intriguing voices, to assist develop the next generation of horror masters.” “Rot is one of those films that is a wonderful illustration of the sort of people and material we want to work with and we’re thrilled to add to our schedule,” said a representative of the studio.

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