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    In which movie a wedding planner falls for a Hollywood actor?

    Justin G. Dyck directed and Keith Cooper wrote the screenplay for Christmas Wedding Planner, a 2017 Canadian drama romance film. The story is based on Stacy Connelly’s novel Once Upon A Wedding.

    Kelsey (Jocelyn Hudon) is starting her profession as a wedding planner by planning Emily’s wedding (Rebecca Dalton). The topic is Christmas Eve, as the title suggests. Kelsey is late for a wedding-related function, which irritates her Aunt Olivia (Kelly Rutherford), who also happens to be her mentor.

    She’d been delayed at a coffee shop when she runs across Emily’s ex-boyfriend Connor (Stephen Huszar) and requests the last blueberry scone. He refuses to give it to her, so she leaves and goes to the event, where she meets him. Kelsey goes over to chat with him after Aunt Olivia advises her to ‘keep an eye on him.

    Kelsey then attends a fitting, where she learns that Emily and Connor were about to get serious when Connor abruptly left without warning or explanation.

    Christmas Wedding Planner

    Then she notices Todd behaving in a ‘flirty’ manner toward the business owner and grows suspicious of him, prompting her to do some digging of her own. She agrees to collaborate with Connor and informs him that Todd and the business owner would be dining at Turbos on Wednesday night.

    Before the wedding, Connor dupes Kelsey into meeting with him, telling her that he used the money, which he mistook for a loan, to help his friend George (Joey Fatone) keep his family business open. Kelsey goes since he is unable to explain the recent money transaction.

    Connor crashes the wedding with dirt on Todd at the end of the film: he got a servant pregnant a few months ago, and she went to Connor and told him everything. The film concludes with Connor proposing to Kelsey and Kelsey accepting, followed by the wedding.

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