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    How is the film Redirected?

    Vinnie Jones, Scot Williams, and Vytautas Sapranauskas star in Redirected, a 2014 Lithuanian-British gangster action comedy film directed by Emilis Velyvis. The film follows four friends who become first–time robbers and become lost in Eastern Europe, where they must find their way home. On January 10, 2014, the film premiered in Lithuania, and on November 13, 2014, it was released in the United Kingdom.

    Four pals, John, Ben, Tim, and Michael, who have turned first-time thieves, become stranded in Eastern Europe after a series of disasters and must return home. They’ll have to overcome hit men, hookers, corrupt cops, smugglers, and more in order to do so, all while rediscovering each other as friends.


    The film was nominated for Best Drama at the UK Film Awards, as well as Best Film and Best Director at the Silver Cranes Awards in Lithuania. In Lithuania, where it aired in January 2014, Redirected grossed $1.8 million. On November 13, 2014, it was released in the United Kingdom.

    Since its mid-January debut in 11 theatres in Vilnius and other cities in Lithuania, one of three former Soviet regions now part of the European Union, Redirected, which also stars Scot Williams from British television, has grossed $1.8 million and attracted approximately 300,000 people.
    Three years ago, the local language costume drama Tadas Belinda was the last film to gross more than $1 million in the territory. Both movies have surpassed previous marks set by Hollywood films like Avatar and Ice Age 3.

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