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    Dwayne Johnson Is ‘People’s Choice’ Because He Just Can’t Stop Winning Hearts

    The People’s Choice Awards 2021 were held some time ago. Dwayne Johnson is the recipient of three awards at the same. For the unversed, The Rock was granted the People’s Champion Award, The Male Movie Star of 2021, and The Comedy Movie Star of 2021. However, his sweet gesture at the award night is winning several hearts.

    Cool Photo of Dwayne Johnson on Set of Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE — GeekTyrant

    Nevertheless, the Jungle Cruise star accepted the People’s Champion Award. Dwayne Johnson credited two of his heroes with the title – Muhammad Ali and Make-a-Wish recipient Shushana. In fact, he even gave her his trophy.

    Subsequent to accepting the award from his ‘drinking buddy’ Jeff Bezos, Dwayne Johnson made an announcement to the audience.  Johnson stated said, “For those who may know or for those who may not know, the original people’s champion was the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. I first met Muhammad when I was a little boy and he was so cool to me. He was so kind and he was so funny. He was always wonderful to me.”

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    Furthermore, Dwayne Johnson reflected. “Years later to be standing here with you guys, you voted me the People’s Champion, the irony is not lost on me. I realize that what it means to be the People’s Champion is so much bigger than me. You treat people good, you treat people kind. You take care of people. You’re inclusive of people, all people, all colors, it doesn’t matter.”

    Thereafter, what Dwayne Johnson said and did next is what’s winning hearts. The actor said, “The last time I saw Muhammad, we were at a Make-a-Wish event and we were both granting wishes. His last words to me were, ‘You keep rumbling.’” With that, The Rock invited the People’s Choice Awards 2021 Make-a-Wish recipient Shushana on stage. He said, “Being here tonight with us and with you guys, this is her wish. She has no idea I’m doing.”

    Dwayne Johnson continued, “This is a total surprise. I met her earlier. I told her how proud I was of her story. She is a fighter, she has inspired her family and friends. I want to tell you just how much you’ve inspired me and everyone around you and certainly everyone here. I want to give you this because you represent everything that it means to be a People’s Champion so this is for you.”

    Johnson cited Ali’s famous quote—”The service to others is the rent you pay for the room you have here on earth”—as the reason for giving Shushana the award. Sharing the video on Twitter, the People’s Choice official page wrote, “Wiping our tears away because @therock just dedicated his People’s Choice Award to Shushana, a @makeawish recipient. They are OUR champions!”

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