Film Panga of Review


As it is said there’s no age to learn so why we motivate those people who are willing to fulfill their dream to do something different beyond age, there is no age to come back or to fight back, and panga is the perfect film to change the mindset of society, to motivate many dreamers who think just because of their age they can’t fulfill now their dreams.

Story- the story starts with Jaya Nigam (Kangana Ranaut) who is an Ex-Kabaddi player of Indian National team working as a ticket puncher at Bhopal Railway, she has a perfect life, a doting husband(Jassie Gill) and a cute little son, living their life happily but deep inside in Jaya heart there is a passion to Play Kabaddi and she is unhappy somewhere in here life, but one day when his son comes to know about because of his poor health when he had just born many years back she left Kabaddi, he tries to convince his Mummy Jaya to do a Comeback in Kabaddi and the story continues of her struggle

Acting- Kangana nailed it, no one could have done better than Kangana this character, on a serious note Kangana is meant for Panga, As it was a Jassie Gill debut film he also did a great job as a supportive husband, Neena Gupta we can say she is a perfect Mother, and Richa Chaddha with her Haryanvi language just nailed her character.

Chemistry- In this film every chemistry whether it would between Husband and wife, mother and son, or between two best friends so flawlessly it has been portrayed.

Song- Dil Ne Kaha is a sweet nice song, rest are background songs but that will also going to touch your heart.

Director- Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, she did what a wonderful job, every line, punches, we’re so good, every single scene she made so real and clear.

Panga is a must-watch because of her strong message for society, and if you want to see a good film with family and friends panga is the best film ever.



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