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    Would a Korean idol get married to an American?

    Korean idols are well-known around the world and, as a result, are frequently preoccupied with their schedules in Korea and overseas. They, too, want to be loved by people of the opposite gender, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or other characteristics. While some celebrities openly declare that they are dating or married, others keep their relationships private.

    The entertainment business now employs the bulk of K-Pop Idols’ abroad partners. They may meet by coincidence on a project they’re both working on, or a close family friend may introduce them because they work in the same industry. Here are 15 K-Pop stars with international boyfriends or girlfriends. In September 2015, it was discovered that Beenzino, a Korean rapper, and Stefanie Michova, a model, were dating.

    Stefanie is a German model who has participated in music videos for Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ and Big Bang’s G-dragon. They each speak in English with a mix of the other’s tongue in everyday conversation.


    Before joining the service, Beenzino sent gifts to his sweetheart. Stefanie was issued a black Republic Korean Army t-shirt and a military serial number necklace with a carving of her initial name and a heart symbol. In the meantime, Beenzino’s military service will conclude in 2019.

    In August 2015, Song Seung-hun and Liu Yifei, a Korean actor and a Chinese actress, revealed their relationship. They communicate in English daily. As of this writing, they are still dating. In 2009, Choo Sung-hoon, a Korean-Japanese mixed martial artist, married Japanese model Yano Shiho. Each of them got well-known after their appearance on ‘Return of Superman’ with their child Choo Sarang. Even though Shiho is now learning Korean, they still communicate in Japanese.

    In 2014, Korean director Kim Tae-Yong married Chinese actress Tang Wei. They met for the first time in 2010 on the set of the film ‘Late Autumn,’ in which Hyun Bin and Tang Wei starred.

    Choo Ja-Hyun is a Korean actress who has been working in China for several years and is dating Yoo Ho-Kwang, a Chinese actor. ‘Thank you, China, for giving me the chance to achieve my ambition,’ she said once.

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