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    World Theater Day: Let’s Revisit B-town Celebs who started their journey on stage

    On World Theatre Day, we celebrate the art form that serves as the cornerstone of performance, storytelling, and cultural expression. Theatre transcends boundaries, entrancing audiences with its live performances and stirring narratives. In India, the world of theatre has served as a fertile training ground for many actors who have gone on to make indelible marks in Bollywood, the country’s vibrant film industry. These actors, with their roots firmly planted in the theatrical soil, have seamlessly transitioned from the stage to the silver screen, enriching both mediums with their talent and dedication.

    Shah Rukh Khan
    Shah Rukh Khan began his journey in theatre during college, studying under Barry John at Delhi’s Theatre Action Group. Transitioning from school plays to television, he eventually conquered Bollywood with his talent and charisma. From theatre to the silver screen, Khan’s story is a testament to dedication and the pursuit of excellence.

    Boman Irani
    Boman Irani is a skilled actor who first developed his craft in theatre before making a name for himself in Bollywood. He received training from the esteemed acting coach Hansraj Siddhia and honed his skills on stage before transitioning to film. One of Irani’s most successful theatrical productions was ‘I Am Not Bajirao,’ which showcased his talent and versatility as a performer. Through his work in theatre, Irani gained a strong foundation in acting, allowing him to master the nuances of the craft and portray a variety of characters with ease.

    Anupam Kher
    Another prolific actor, Anupam Kher, started his career in theatre in the early 1980s. He co-founded the theatre group ‘Actors Prepares’ and has been associated with numerous critically acclaimed plays. Kher’s versatility as an actor has seen him excel in both theatre and Bollywood.

    Pankaj Tripathi
    Tripathi’s journey began on the stage, where he immersed himself in the art of acting, honing his skills and nurturing his passion for storytelling. His formative years in theatre laid a solid foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and versatility as the performer he is today.

    Manoj Bajpayee
    Renowned for his intense and impressive performances, Manoj Bajpayee began his acting journey in theatre. He was associated with the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD) and later moved on to Bollywood, where he has delivered memorable roles in films like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Aligarh.’.

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