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    Why do Hollywood movie themes consist of love?

    What constitutes an excellent movie? There isn’t a single answer to this question. The plot, dialogue, and performances of the characters, as well as the photography, soundtrack, and directing, are all intertwined. All of these aspects work together to achieve a shared goal: a deep, resonating feeling that allows the film to convey a message about the world or human nature. The theme of the film is this.

    The theme provides a universal approach for the viewer to engage with the film’s specific subject matter. Strong themes are also what make a film linger with you after you’ve seen it for the first time. The topic is the core idea and a guide for filmmakers during the creative process. As you write, you can ask yourself, “Which choice links more to my theme?” when deciding between potential story developments.

    Titanic  movie

    What person doesn’t like a good love story? The film Titanic is centered on the concept of love (right down to its Oscar-winning theme song). Love has the power to overcome insurmountable hurdles such as social differences, disapproving family members, and calamity.

    Characters in a film undergo transformations as a result of their encounters with love. Rose gains a new perspective on the world’s injustices and realizes her own independence. Jack transforms from a charming and aimless traveler to a man with a strong purpose, sacrificing everything for the woman he loves.

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