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    Who is the poorest actress in India?

    Everyone enjoys avoiding the glitz and glam of Bollywood. The peculiarity of Mumbai is that the stars of tomorrow are likely to be wandering the streets today on an empty stomach. As a result, here are a few Bollywood actresses that struggled financially after their peak.

    1. Praveen Babi: 

    The discovery of the 1970s was Parveen Babi. As a result of her enormous and nearly instantaneous success, more and more producers began to cast her in their films. It’s thought that during her final days, she would frequently run out of money to pay for her therapy. In fact, her body was discovered two days after she died, unclaimed in her home.

    2. Meena Kumari: 

    Meena Kumari grew up at a time when her name was used as an adjective to describe anything lovely. As a result, it’s especially tragic to hear that this Indian cinema treasure died penniless, with hardly enough money to cover her hospital bills.

    3. Vimi:

     In the 1970s, actress Vimi was riding high on the success of films like Humraaz and Patanga. She became depressed shortly after her divorce from her husband. This can be used to judge their final days; her body had to be transported to the trunk.

    4. Nisha Noor: 

    Nisha Noor worked in the Tamil film industry as an actress. Many celebrities in the industry had expressed an interest in collaborating with her. Soon later, her financial situation deteriorated, and this single woman found herself on her own. Years later, she was discovered living on the streets, having lost a significant amount of weight and appearing exceedingly pale and fragile.

    5. Nalini Jaywant: 

    From 1941 through 1981, Nalini Jaywant worked in the film industry. She has appeared in more than fifty films. Despite this, she did not have financially secure late years. She died in her Chembur house in a painful lonely death in 2010.

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