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    Who is the nicest Bollywood actor?

    What we look for our beloved celebs on the big screen is rarely illustrative of who they are as a person. While many well-known Bollywood actors are arrogant and rude, a select number are noted for their soft, modest manner and are regarded as the nicest Bollywood actors. Here’s the countdown:

    1.      Aamir Khan: 

    Bollywood actor Aamir Khan popularly known as Mr. Perfectionist, is one of the most modest and sweetest you’ll ever see in the industry. He is uninterested in pomp and ceremony and lives a modest life. We already know about his extensive humanitarian work, and he’s courteous and thoughtful of the staff and employees.

    2. Shraddha Kapoor: 

    The young actress is known for being laid-back and friendly. People who have worked with the actress say she lacks a ‘star aura’ and that they admire her for her girl-next-door manner.

    3. Akshay Kumar: 

    Bollywood actor

    Akshay Kumar, nicknamed ‘Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood,’ is not just one of India’s most famous actors, but also one of its kindest. He is one of the few no-nonsense celebrities in the Bollywood industry because of his down-to-earth personality and rigorous lifestyle.

    4. Kiara Advani: 

    Bollywood actor

    Even though she hasn’t been in Bollywood in a long time, her calm and collected temperament, combined with her commanding screen presence, has established her as one of the most promising newcomers. According to reports, she treats everyone with tremendous respect and welcomes them into her home.

    5. Shahrukh Khan: 

    Bollywood actor

    Shah Rukh Khan is widely considered one of the world’s friendliest mega-stars, with a reputation for wit and intelligence. He’s rarely grumpy and always greets his fans with a smile.

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