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    Which is the biggest film industry in Asia?

    Bollywood, the Hindi language movie business, is the largest sector, accounting for 43 percent of box office income. The combined earnings of the Tamil and Telugu film industry accounts for 36% of total revenue. In the year 2000, the total revenue of Indian film was US$ 1.3 billion.

    The industry is linked to South Indian cinema and other Indian movie industries, which together make up Indian cinema, the world’s largest in terms of feature film production.

    In 2017, India’s feature film industry produced 1,986 films, with Bollywood producing 364 Hindi movie in the same year. According to reports, Indian films (including Bollywood) sold an estimated 3.6 billion tickets worldwide in 2001, compared to 2.6 billion sold by Hollywood.

    Bollywood film

    Modern Bollywood films increasingly integrate elements of Hinglish, a vernacular Hindustani that is mutually comprehensible by persons who self-identify as speaking either Hindi or Urdu. Since the 1970s, the masala movie has been the most successful commercial genre in Bollywood, combining several genres such as action, comedy, romance, drama, and melodrama, as well as musical performances. Film historians consider the time after India’s independence from the late 1940s to the early 1960s to be the Golden Age of Hindi cinema.

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