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    Which are the best movie database?

    The internet provides a plethora of extra ways for TV and movie fans to enhance their viewing experience. In fact, there are so many online resources that deciding which ones are worth viewing and joining up for can be difficult.

    1.      IMDb


    The Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, is the largest, oldest, and most popular free online resource for movies and TV series. In the TV, movies, and streaming category, only YouTube and Netflix rank higher than IMDb, which has approximately 6 million movies and TV series.

    2.      Rotten Tomatoes: 

    Rotten Tomatoes

    Another well-known movie rating site, Rotten Tomatoes, is the originator of the ‘Tomatometer.’ Unlike IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes bases its Tomatometer score on the opinions of film critics.

    3.      Filmaffinity: 


    Filmaffinity, a Spanish movie website, was founded in 2002. It is a robust social network with over half a million members who may review movies (on a scale of one to ten), make lists, and receive personalized recommendations on what to watch next.

    4.      Metacritic: 


    Metacritic, situated in Santa Monica, first appeared on the scene in 1999, unveiling its patented ‘Metascore’. It, like Rotten Tomatoes, employs the opinions of film critics to decide a film’s rating.

    5.      Letterboxd: 


    Letterboxd, situated in Schaerbeek, Belgium, has built a free social networking platform centered on a passion for movies. Once you’ve completed the short registration form, you can start making new friends, keeping track of and rating the movies you’ve already seen, and getting recommendations for what to watch next.

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