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    Which are some action movies with cigars?

    It was rare to see movies or television show during the golden age of Hollywood when the major characters didn’t smoke or the heroes didn’t take a break to light up cigars. Here’s a list of movies you should add to your must-see list; all of the films listed below are best viewed with your cigar and a stiff drink in hand.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1966): 

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Without ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,’ what iconic film list would be complete? This western film, starring Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, frequently features Clint’s character lighting up a cigar. He shares a smoke with a dying soldier in one moment.  

    Black Hawk Down (2001): 

    Black Hawk Down

    The film, directed by Ridley Scott, contains one of the most famous lines about cigars in movie history. Mr. Atto is enjoying a cigar as the United States Troops arrive to take him up for a meeting with General Garrison. When he offers the General a Cuban cigar, Garrison declines, saying, “No, thanks.” “I was given one.” The response is simply amazing! “Miami, my friend, is not Cuba,” Mr. Atto responds.

    Hellboy (2004):


     ‘Hellboy,’ which is based in part on the graphic novel of the same name, is about a demon summoned by the Nazis who are raised to be a champion of good after being saved by the Allies. If you’re not distracted by the storyline, count how many times you see Hellboy with a short, thick cigar, and let us know how many times you see one!

    The Wolverine (2013): 

    The Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was known for his cigar-smoking habits as well as his retractable titanium claws. Wolverine enjoys the Cohiba cigar, and because this was a family film, the studio received a lot of protest from anti-smoking organizations. Hugh’s Wolverine character was shown lighting up in the sequels that have subsequently been produced, so this doesn’t dissuade him. Hugh is standing on a construction van, surrounded by five Japanese ninjas, when he slashes the gas tank, triggering an all-mighty explosion!

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