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    What is the inside height of 53 Great Dane Reefer 2020 trailer?

    In order to prevent items like fruit, vegetables, and medications from going bad during shipment and storage, reefer trailers and trucks manage temperature, humidity, and ventilation. They play a crucial role in the cold chain process, which involves moving goods between 12°C (54°F) and -70°C (-94°F). Reefer trucks and trailers not only safeguard delicate goods during transit but also quicken distribution by skipping stops at cold chain facilities. Find out more below about the size, height, and trailer capacity of a reefer trailer.

    The military, oil and gas, chemicals, and dangerous products are other uses for reefer trucks and trailers in addition to medicines and food. The components of a reefer trailer, typical reefer trailer dimensions, advantages of using a Great Dane Reefer truck to carry temperature-sensitive commodities, and distinctions between reefer trucks and reefer containers are all covered here.

    Active cooling is used rather than passive cooling in reefer trucks and trailers. Instead of depending on insulated panels to preserve a product at a specific temperature for 96 hours or more, they use battery- or electric-powered generators to keep items at a fixed temperature and humidity.

    The standard height of a Great Dane Reefer trailer is 13 feet, 6 inches, with a 46.5-inch fifth wheel. The reefer trailer’s entrance height is 9 feet and 2 inches, while its interior height is around 8 feet and 7 inches.

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