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    What is the BTS Army logo?

    The insignia is made up of two parts: two trapezoids signifying half-open doors on the inside for BTS, and two trapezoids representing half-open doors on the outside for the ARMY. To complete the symbol, the ARMY half is placed on top of the BTS half. At the top and bottom of the sign, the letters ‘ARMY’ and ‘BTS’ appear.

    The BTS logo is made up of two trapezoids that represent doors, with the meaning ‘ARMY meeting BTS at the doors.’ The logo depicts ‘us and army becoming one together,’ according to the group’s official Twitter account.

    For the insignia, the designers used plain black to communicate sophistication through simplicity. The names ARMY and BTS are written in silver lettering, which gives a touch of shine.

    BTS logo

    The logo’s typeface appears to be a typical sans serif at first glance, but closer investigation reveals some minor alterations. Soft lines are used in both the “B” and “S,” while the “T” has its top ends cut for a fashionable look.

    BTS’s original objective, according to reports, was to make hip-hop songs. Initially, the band’s creators envisioned a rap group, but they quickly altered their focus to the more lucrative pop-idol model. In 2010, the band members were hired by the team.

    The members of the group spent around three years training with Big Hit Entertainment before becoming a unit. The training was a long and arduous procedure that included singing, acting, and general media lessons. The members of the group were also advised on how to prepare to become celebrities. The seven-member ensemble ultimately made its formal debut in 2013 after uploading a lot of song covers on YouTube.

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