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    What is a bad box office?

    A bad box office or box office failure occurs when a movie released in theatres fails to disrupt even by a large volume, and the distributor, studio, and/or production firm that financed it loses money. Numbers of losses are at best guess due to the secrecy surrounding the film industry’s expenses and profit margins, and there are frequently varying estimates of how much a film has lost. In this situation, the losses are displayed as ranges, and the list is alphabetically organized due to the lack of a fixed order.

    Because the films on the list were released over such a lengthy period of time, currency inflation had to be taken into account. To achieve a fair comparison, the losses were adjusted for inflation using the US Consumer Price Index. Even if a few of the films on this list made more money than they spent on production, they are still considered failures. This could be due to Hollywood accounting tactics, which often distort earnings or keep costs disguised to avoid profit-sharing agreements, although films can legitimately lose money even when box office receipts exceed the budget.

    This is owing to the fact that a distributor does not receive the entire gross, and the overall cost of a film after distribution and marketing can easily exceed its production budget.

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