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What are other legal thrillers written by authors from foreign countries?

by Ratan Srivastava

Get to know some criminal thriller authors if you enjoy the suspense of a good crime book. Many well-known authors produce detective fiction and crime books in this genre, which regularly appear on the bestseller list. Many of those included below are well-known mystery authors as well.

The excitement of the chase and the eagerness to crack the case make crime fiction books excellent reading. How do you pick the next author to investigate when a short search on Amazon turns up numerous well-known authors? Here are some authors you should add to your list if you’re prepared to dig into a fantastic crime thriller:

1. Agatha Christie

Without mentioning English writer Agatha Christie, who is perhaps one of the most well-known in this genre, it is almost difficult to discuss criminal thriller authors. She is an easy read and rather a delightful author known for her original twists and “who done it” type writing. She developed the well-known detective Hercule Poirot to function as the protagonist for several of her books.

2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, well known for his investigator Sherlock Holmes, contributed to the popularisation of the detective fiction genre. Over the years, his writings have served as the basis for several TV episodes and films, but reading a book in its entirety is still preferable to seeing a script.

3. Louise Penny

Louise Penny is a contemporary crime author who chronicles the exploits of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache in her works. Each of these stories, which are set in Canada, covers the criminal underworld and follows the inspector and his crew as they use authentic investigative techniques to solve murders.

4. Ann Cleeves

Crime fiction is written by New York Times bestselling author Ann Cleeves. Vera Stanhope and Jimmy Perez, two of her main characters, investigate murders in Northumberland and the Shetland Islands. This provides an intriguing environment for the stories’ backdrop.

5. David Baldacci

Since he was a little boy, David Baldacci has been a writer. Writing crime novels has become a career out of that desire. He continues to write criminal thrillers and novels for both adults and young readers despite the fact that his debut book, Absolute Power, was adapted into a Clint Eastwood-starring movie.

6. Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn’s debut book, earned two CWA Daggers, and Gone Girl, her most recent psychological thriller, is currently a bestseller. These gripping books have a storyline that reads like a movie script, and Gone Girl is currently a big-budget movie.

7. Stephen King

It would be practically difficult to discuss crime literature without discussing Stephen King. This prolific writer is responsible for some of the finest crime books. His crime novels Mr. Mercedes and End of Watch both won the Goodreads Choice Award in their respective genres.

8. Harlan Coben

Author of the well-known Myron Bolitar series is Harlan Coben. His detective novels are so well-known that they are published in 43 different languages and have a large number of audiobooks. Over 73 million of his novels have been sold globally.

9. Lee Child

Author of the well-known Jack Reacher books is Lee Child. The reader is left wondering if Jack Reacher is a nice man or not since he frequently finds himself in the middle of criminal investigations involving serial murders and frequently faces charges against him.

10. James Patterson

James Patterson has been dubbed the best-selling novelist in the whole world. Michael Bennett, a character he created with co-author Michael Ledwidge, and Alex Cross are examples of his notable characters. The crime book genre is widely recognised by the name James Patterson.

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