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    Is Nollywood bigger than Bollywood?

    The Indian film industry is the world’s largest, with the American counterpart coming in third – behind Nigeria’s Nollywood. More than 1600 films produced in India were given a release certificate by India’s censor board in 2012. Before we show you some Nollywood films, let’s have a look at where they originated from and how they managed to become the world’s second-largest film business.

    While Nollywood may not earn as much money as Hollywood or Bollywood every year, it is famed for its prodigious output under considerably more difficult conditions. The quality of early Nollywood films is reminiscent of home video production. The Nigerian film industry, on the other hand, has recently improved. Nollywood, which is most known for comedies and dramas, is now branching out into other genres including horror, period dramas, musicals, cartoons, and even nolly-noir, all with industry-standard picture and sound quality.

    Bollywood is well-known for being the world’s biggest movie industry in terms of the number of movies made. The Indian film industry is the world’s largest. Hindi-language films account for 43% of total box office income in India. That 43 percent is what Bollywood is supposed to allude to; however, statistics claiming Bollywood to be the world’s largest film industry really refer to the entire Indian film industry.

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