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    Is ‘Forest of The Damned II: Death by Desire’ a horror film?

    Ernest Mari directs Forest of the Damned II: Death by Desire, a 2019 horror film. Despite her doubts, Lucy agrees to her husband’s request to join him on a deserted island for a wild party of desire and sexual exploration. When one of the group members goes missing, their passion quickly turns to panic. Some begin to suspect each other, while others begin to feel there is something sinister hiding in the forest. Lucy’s greatest concern was that the weekend would wind up ruining her marriage, but she had no idea it may also cost her her life.

    The sequel to Forest of the Damned was shot in high definition in Dorset and London. Robert Pawliczek, Bernhard Riener, and Arlen Figgis composed the score. Belligerence’s tracks are on the soundtrack. In the United States, the full-length film will be titled Demonic II and will be released in 2019.

    Forest of the Damned II

    The film is a sequel to Forest of the Damned, which was released by Warner Brothers in the United Kingdom and was sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Ernest Riera, the film’s director, also served as a producer. Forest of the Damned (also known as Johannes Roberts’ Demonic in the United States) is a 2005 horror feature film directed by Johannes Roberts.

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