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    In which Hollywood movie does the actress travel from village to city through the forest?

    Into the Forest is a 2015 Canadian apocalyptic independent drama film written and directed by Patricia Rozema and starring Elliot Page and Evan Rachel Wood as orphaned survivalist sisters in a forest without electricity, based on the 1996 Jean Hegland novel.

    Megan Griffiths was considered for the role of director, but the producers decided against it. Elliot Page and Evan Rachel Wood joined the cast on October 21, 2013. On July 28, 2014, principal photography and production began. Max Minghella and Callum Keith Rennie joined the cast on August 27, 2014.

    On September 12, 2015, the film premiered in the Special Presentation section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. A24 Films and DirecTV Cinema bought the film’s U.S. distribution rights shortly after, and it premiered on DirecTV before hitting cinemas.

    Into the Forest

    The film was revealed as part of TIFF’s annual Canada’s Top 10 screening series in December 2015, which showcases the ten best Canadian films of the year. On June 3, 2016, it was released in 15 cinemas across Canada, and on July 29, it was distributed in the United States. The picture had a one-week run in 15 cinemas, grossing roughly $10,000.

    Sisters Nell and Eva live in a quiet wooded house soon. They must remain together if they are to survive as the planet teeters on the verge of Armageddon.

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