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    How to get in touch with celebrity agents?

    Getting in close contact with a celebrity, for whatever purpose, maybe a challenging procedure. Whether you’re a fan who just wants to show your support, a journalist looking for an interview, or a company owner or event planner looking to approach the celebrity with a commercial opportunity, there’s no guarantee that your message will reach the celebrity.

    If you’re looking for a celebrity to officially endorse your company or product, you’ll need to contact their agency. If the star doesn’t have an agency, the manager should be your next stop. Because a possible endorsement could have an impact on the celebrity’s brand, the manager is the appropriate person to talk to about it.

    Event bookings, like sponsorships, are primarily a moneymaker for a celebrity, thus you’ll need to contact their representative to discuss the possibility. The celebrity’s management will also be involved at some point; if the star doesn’t have an agency, you’ll have to contact the manager instead.

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    Your initial port of call for unofficial relationships should be the celebrity’s publicist. Even if you don’t have a specific celebrity in mind, publicists can be extremely helpful; in fact, because publicists often manage a much larger number of clients than agents or managers, you’ll have a considerably larger pool of prospective celebrity partners to pick from.

    Though there are certain differences between unofficial partnerships and product giveaways, you should contact the celebrity’s publicist in both circumstances. Another approach if you’re a fashion designer is to contact the celebrity’s stylist. Many companies ignore stylists as a resource, yet they may be quite helpful in getting your product into the hands of celebrities.

    Celebrities, for the most part, do not handle their own business dealings, such as sponsorships and promotional campaigns. The first persons you should contact if you want to build up a business relationship with a celebrity are their reps.

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