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    How much are MCU actor signatures worth?

    Signatures have become a multibillion-dollar industry. Seeing an A-list star in person at an event or on the street used to be the only way to get signatures. On the other hand, demand for autographs has escalated to the point that paid signings have become an opportunity too lucrative to pass up. Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Natalie Portman, and Taylor Swift have embraced the craze for personal financial gain or to aid their favorite charities.

    That means there are many more opportunities than ever before to receive an autograph from your favorite celebrity, yet many fans cannot afford it. Expect to spend at least $200 to receive an autograph from an A-list celebrity.

    Robert Downey Jr., a first-time signer, has also been organized by Star Wars Autograph Universe. The cost of obtaining a signature from Robert Downey Jr. is $700. Given that his portrayal of Iron Man sparked the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is now worth over $23 billion, $700 seems reasonable.

    The fact that the signing was sold out proved that it wasn’t pricey, as a long line of admirers formed to pay the substantial charge. It’s also worth noting that RDJ didn’t keep the money; instead, he donated it to the Footprint Coalition, an environmental advocacy group.

    Robert Downey Jr.

    Tom Hiddleston’s autograph is in high demand, thanks to the success of his Disney+ series Loki. With Tom Hiddleston’s most recent signing through the comic book grading company CGC, fans could have paid $345 for an autograph. This cost would have included the autograph, as well as the grading and encapsulation of each newly autographed comic.
    Soon after the release of the Disney+ series Hawkeye in late 2021, Official Pix signed an agreement with Steinfeld. Fans were able to get an autograph from one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest members as a result of this. Steinfeld’s autograph ranges from $135 and $290, depending on the size of the item being signed.

    Customization (i.e. ‘To Your Name’) cost $75 more, and character name inscriptions were $75 more. A 27-by-40-inch poster signed by Steinfeld with customization and message would set you back $440. Steinfeld also announced her plans regarding which contracts she would and would not sign. Official Photos, Comics, Funko Pops, Posters, Memorabilia & Props from any of her productions, including Hawkeye, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Bumblebee, were all available for autographing.

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