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    Does BTS eat Indian food?

    BTS‘s social media fan clubs shared photos and videos of the members eating Indian food. It was clear from the subtitles that the BTS members mistook it for ‘milky tofu,’ but it turned out to be paneer. In another video, rapper J-Hope, who is also a member of BTS, ate naan and curry with his hands.

    After some of their members were discovered enjoying naan and paneer in photographs and videos that went viral on social media, Korean boy band BTS made headlines and trended furiously on the internet. There are no rewards for guessing that desi Twitter is ecstatic and unable to contain their joy.


    Lead vocalist Jimin and primary vocalist Jungkook ate a gravy meal with naan in the viral videos. The photos and videos, of course, received a lot of likes and retweets and quickly went viral on social media. The clips were well received on Desi Twitter. In the comments area, netizens from different nations also expressed their opinions.

    The Indian army is overjoyed to witness BTS eating Indian food. Imagine what would happen if BTS confirms that they will be visiting India. We will not be on the ground; instead, we will be in the sky, and then we will land on the moon.

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