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    BTS member V has a crush on which celebrity?

    BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung REVEALED Emily in Paris actor Lily Collins as his celebrity obsession. Love, Rosie, starring Lily Collins, is one of BTS member V’s all-time favorite films.

    BTS ARMY, who is also Emily in Paris fan, shouted with delight when Mindy Chen (Ashley Park) played BTS’ Dynamite during one of the recently aired Season 2 episodes. Aside from the adoring fan base, two BTS members expressed their gratitude to the show for singing their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 track and doing it properly, à la Emily in Paris!

    Bangtan commander RM and V were the two members in question. V posted the same scene on Instagram with his caption, tagging Emily on Paris’ IG profile along with a black and white heart “TaeTae” stamp of approval, while RM recorded an Instagram Story, sharing a similar chuckle over the great Dynamite number.

    Lily Collins

    Emily in Paris’ lead, Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, joyfully shared Kim Taehyung’s post on her IG Story (through Emily in Paris’ IG Story about the Christmas Tree singer’s post!) and added, “WE’RE IN THE STARS TONIGHT! #BTSARMY,” referencing a line from Dynamite.

    Because TaeTae has been a lifelong admirer of the Golden Globe-nominated actress, we know Lily’s IG Story will be extra special for V. For the uninitiated, let us jog your memory by going back to the year 2018. V said that Lily was his favorite Hollywood actress and celebrity crush in two separate interviews for Access Hollywood and E! News (Rachel McAdams is also on his list!). Moreover, Taehyung has highlighted Collins’ romantic comedy-drama Love, Rosie, starring Sam Claflin, as one of his all-time favorite films.

    Meanwhile, V recently made a new celebrity friend when he sat together with Lee Jung Jae, the star of Squid Game and a Golden Globe nominee, and convinced BTS ARMY that he could be a part of the second season.

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