Friday, April 19, 2024

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    Rajveer Dhody,multi talented son of Queenie Singh turns entrepreneur in the digital space

    Young, talented and with dreams to make it big, Rajveer Dhody, son of designer Queenie Singh is all set to explore the digital space. A commerce student, Rajveer studied many courses in digital business during the lockdown months and is now ready to launch an exciting project with mother Queenie.

    He said, “The lockdown months have taught us the importance of living with limited resources and the digital space is raring to go. Everyone has made use of the digital space and it is about time, we make the best of it.”

    While he turned into an entrepreneur, Rajveer also got into a small business of making masks and PPE Kits during this time and distributed them for charity to the needy. He heads the oldest transport company in Mumbai – Singh Transport Company and is enjoying that too.

    He said, “It’s the time to move into the digital space. I recognised this and intended to go big in this area. Our transport business too needs to get digitised and I intend on doing this soon. The past few months have taught us how the world is motivating to try new things and not get influenced by old methods of working.”

    Latest Posts

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