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    Why was the song created called mad at Disney?

    The song ‘Mad at Disney‘ is performed by Salem Ilese of the United States. Caroline Distribution distributed it, and HomeMade Projects, a joint venture of TenThousand Projects, launched it all on July 24, 2020. The pop song was written about Ilese becoming disillusioned with love after gaining unrealistic romantic expectations from Disney Princess movies. After seeing the 2019 adaptation of The Lion King, lyricist Jason Hahs became disillusioned. On TikTok, a video-sharing app, the song garnered a lot of traction.

    During a composition session in August 2019, vocalist Salem Ilese collaborated with songwriters/producers Bendik Miller and Jason Hahs to create ‘Mad at Disney.’ The song ‘Mad at Disney’ is a smash hit. It is written in the key of C major and has a tempo of 114 beats per minute. Ilese’s vocal range goes from a low A3 to a high E5. The track’s instrumentation synth-heavy.’

    Mad at Disney

    Stereogum’s Chris DeVille called ‘Mad at Disney’ ‘a heck of a pop tune,’ writing that it ‘manages to sound exactly like every other new pop song on the radio while also sticking out from the pack.’ ‘A skipping, four-on-the-floor pop rocket,’ according to Rolling Stone’s Elias Leight. Mollie King, a singer-songwriter for Marie Claire, praised the song as ‘delicate yet extremely topical,’ describing the lyrics as “thought-provoking,’ and comparing Ilese to Julia Michaels in an article.

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