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    Why salad is always served in movies and TV shows?

    We’re not sure why salad is served at every meal in every movie or television show. Let us, however, summarise it with an example.

    We don’t know if they exclusively eat one type of salad. We have seen almost every episode multiple times and are always on the lookout for all of these things. As a population, they enjoy a diverse range of cuisines, with the majority of them being ethnic in origin, which is unsurprising. They all come from the same socioeconomic category and live in Los Angeles, so they have many options and the financial means to pursue them.

    When they eat at Leonard and Sheldon’s house, everyone eats the same meal, which is generally takeout. Because they work at a college cafeteria on the Cal Tech campus, the men eat a wide variety of dishes at work.

    We are continuously astounded by how tasty and nutritious their cafeteria cuisine is. Instead of flavor, most cafeterias serve brown food with a few sprigs of green and red for color.

    When the couples eat at home alone, they appear to consume a lot of extremely green salads with a lot of red tomatoes. Penny is shown eating salad and drinking wine, I presume. The salads are most likely green salads with vinaigrette dressing.

    Leonard and Sheldon's house,

    Even if you rarely see them eating pasta with small hot dogs chopped into it or sipping Strawberry Quik, the guys talk about food as if they were still toddlers. Although you don’t see Howard’s mother slicing up their meat for him, you can hear her getting up and walking to the grocery after Howard requested lamb stew materials.

    Around 7:00 PM, Bernadette gets concerned about hidden fat and sugar in her meals, however, I assume this is due to her skeptical personality rather than her fatphobia.

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