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    Why are the video and audio out of sync on YouTube?

    YouTube is the most popular video platform, with millions of users across the world. While YouTube’s mobile app is generally well-designed, some users have noticed audio delay difficulties in which the audio lags and the video continues to play or vice versa. Don’t worry if you’re having problems like these. On your Android phone, here’s how to repair the YouTube audio and video out-of-sync problem.

    This is due to audio latency, or the time it takes for the audio to arrive from a video on your phone. While it may not be an issue when listening to music, it will become apparent when watching videos or movies on YouTube or other apps. Keep the Bluetooth device in range and eliminate interferences to avoid audio latency.

    The YouTube app’s audio delay could be caused by a variety of factors. It could be a problem with the app or with the audio device. Whatever the source, the steps to fix YouTube sync issues on your Android phone are listed below.


    Restart Your Phone

    The first thing you should do is restart your phone. This will remove any temporary issues or glitches, as well as possibly resolve the audio synchronization issue when watching YouTube videos. If it doesn’t, try one of the other options.

    Is the Problem With a Particular Video?

    To see if you’re experiencing audio and video lag across YouTube or on a single video, try playing other YouTube videos. Change the playback quality as well. Check your internet connection as well. To see if it’s working, go to or and run a speed test.

    Audio Delay over Bluetooth

    When using Bluetooth audio devices, audio latency is very typical. When utilizing Bluetooth earbuds or speakers, you’ll notice that the audio and video are frequently out of sync. This is due to audio latency, or the time it takes for the audio to arrive from a video on your phone.

    Change Bluetooth Audio Codec

    Some Bluetooth audio codecs have a shorter delay. Qualcomm’s aptX codec, for example, encodes audio more effectively and at a little faster rate than SBC. So, if your phone and Bluetooth device support it, switch to aptX. On your phone, you’ll need to activate developer options. Go to Settings > About device to do so. Enter your lock screen passcode by tapping the Build no. seven times.

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