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Who are the Top 5 Hollywood Chrises of the industry- Take a look

by Palak Goyal
Chrises in Hollywood

Chrises in Hollywood is a force to be reckoned with. Whether they’re small-screen actors, comedians, or superheroes, these Chrises are the best of the Hollywood lot.

We’re all aware that there’s a big viral search underway to uncover Hollywood’s greatest Chris. Obviously, if you truly want your child to be famous, this is an excellent name to choose. To mention a few, we have superheroes, comedy geniuses, and drama villains.

This rating is exclusive to Chrises, with no Christophers or Christians included, making it the ultimate criterion for determining who the best Chris is. We recognize that you have a point of view, but we’d like to put a stop to the conflict. There’s a lot of competition, but here’s a list of the top 5 Chrises in Hollywood.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker isn’t a rookie to Hollywood, and he’s one of the original Chrises, in our opinion. This witty actor is best known for his role in the Rush Hour films, and we believe that his hilarious and clever performance has earned him a place on the list.

Chris Rock

Another comic icon who has upped the bar for the Chris name is Chris Rock. He’s best recognized for his performance in Everybody Hates Chris, but he’s also a movie star.

He’s not just the voice behind some of your favorite animated characters, but he’s also been in films including The Longest Yard, Head of State, Death at a Funeral, Grown Ups, and, most recently, Dolemite is My Name.

Chris Pine

He’s starred in a plethora of big-budget films, of course. He was in A Wrinkle in Time, The Finest Hours, Wonder Woman, and Hell or High Water, among other films. Spoiler alert: in a few of these brands, he has a lot more potential. Chris has mastered a variety of genres in the industry, therefore we’re confident in giving him the number two spot.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the God of Thunder, and we can’t get enough of his long tresses and witty demeanor. We couldn’t imagine anyone else holding the hammer and cracking jokes at the same time, much alone being a real stud. We admire this Australian gentleman because he is unquestionably pure.

Chris Evans

We can’t imagine anyone else holding the shield, but Chris Evans is deserving of so much more. He’s the best Chris because he’s repeatedly demonstrated his versatility and brilliance as an actor. In films like Gifted, Before We Go, Snowpiercer, and Knives Out, one such individual is humorous, passionate, and fantastic on and off the screen.

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