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    Whistles, Claps and a thundering standing ovation! Rahul Bhat in and as ‘Kennedy’ witnesses an eruption of acclaim at the inaugural premiere of the Jio Mami Festival in Mumbai

    Amidst the resounding jubilation at the Jio MAMI Film Festival, 2000 avid movie buffs embarked on a cinematic rollercoaster, celebrating the premiere of ‘Kennedy,’ played by Rahul Bhat. The momentous event spotlighted Rahul Bhat’s gripping portrayal, eliciting an uproar as the audience showered a standing ovation on the powerhouse performance delivered in Anurag Kashyap’s directorial gem.

    The ecstatic crowd bore witness to Rahul’s enigmatic portrayal of a diabolical cop on the path to redemption. The audiences singled out a rather unconventional way of apple-peeling in the opening scene. Apparently, Rahul peeled 500 apples setting the tone for the arresting opening visual. The actor’s astounding dedication also unfolded with his jaw-dropping physical metamorphosis, a staggering 20kg gain to personify the sleep-deprived cop, further solidifying his immersive commitment to the role.

    The film’s triumphant journey traversed continents, captivating audiences worldwide. From its enthralling premiere at the illustrious 2023 Cannes Film Festival to the enchanting showcases at the Sydney Film Festival and the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, ‘Kennedy’ roused ardent adoration.

    Director Anurag Kashyap, adorned with gratitude, unmasked the origins of this compelling narrative, echoing the genesis behind the captivating tale. Joined by luminaries Rahul Bhat, Sunny Leone, and the ensemble cast, the stage pulsed with heartfelt appreciation and elation.

    The eruption of acclaim within the MAMI audience marked a historical milestone, being the first set of Indian viewers to experience the film on home turf, sparking a ravenous anticipation for its forthcoming theatrical release.

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