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    Which streaming service has the most recent movies?

    If you’re a cord-cutter, you have a lot of options besides Netflix and Hulu. Whether you want to entirely replace the cable or just watch the latest original TV episodes and movies on demand, we break down the best video streaming options for your money.



    On practically every platform, Hulu is a reliable alternative for viewing new and vintage shows as well as live TV. It’s one of the most popular video streaming services.



    Peacock offers popular NBC network programming as well as a good selection of streaming movies. Peacock’s capable free tier earns it an Editors’ Choice distinction, although it excludes some prominent NBC programming and the premium plan has too many constraints.



    Disney+ has a large library of high-quality series and movies in a feature-rich video streaming package, but it still needs to broaden its content frontiers to become a must-have service.

    Amazon Prime Video: 

    Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video has a lot of high-quality material to stream, as well as remarkable technical features like 4K HDR streaming and offline downloading.



    Despite its expensive price, Netflix’s huge library of TV episodes and movies, including critically acclaimed originals, makes it one of the greatest video streaming services available.

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